Android O Will Be the Last Major Update for the OnePlus 3 and 3T

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OnePlus’s Head of Product, Oliver Z, recently sat down for a short interview that was published on the company’s forums. During the interview, Oliver confirmed how much longer last year’s OnePlus 3 and 3T smartphones would receive major Android upgrades via OxygenOS. And unsurprisingly, it looks like version 8.0 of Android will draw the handsets’ line.

Specifically, Android O will be the final major software upgrade the 3 and 3T will receive. This is pretty staggering to think about since the 3 is just a year old and the 3T has only been on the market for nine months at this point. But when you consider the promise that OnePlus made – you know, the one where they said they’d support the handsets for at least a year – things start clicking, and this claim doesn’t seem as outlandish as it originally did. The phones did launch with Marshmallow after all, and with O, that would mean two major software upgrades for both devices.

But it’s still disappointing, to say the least. Knowing that some of the best phones on the market won’t officially be getting next year’s software kind of sucks. And it sort of sounds like OnePlus would rather have people use their new OnePlus 5 smartphone, especially since the Open Beta Program will also be exclusive to this device soon as well. It’s worth noting the 3 and 3T will still receive security patches for “the foreseeable future,” but this doesn’t really help in the case of those who want Android 8.0 and beyond. So for those of you who have a 3 or 3T, either get to work on unofficial ROMs for your phone or break open your piggy bank and upgrade.


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