Samsung’s Next Smartwatch Could Be Coming Later This Month

As originally spotted by Android Headlines, a new FCC listing has popped up. It was registered by Samsung, and assigned to it is a depiction of some type of round device. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess this is no doubt a smartwatch.


In the listing, it’s noted in the diagram that the FCC label will be mounted to the bottom of the device. There’s also a supposed device title across the top, and that title is the Samsung Gear Sport. Therefore, we’re assuming this new gadget is a wearable and will be known as the Gear Sport.

While we don’t know what the smartwatch will feature, we do know it’ll have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It’ll also run Tizen if history is any indication. Previously, Samsung asked users what they wanted to see taken from a Gear S3 and Fit 2. This device could be the love child of those two devices and focus on providing a stronger fitness opportunity while still allowing users to do such things as place phone calls and receive notifications from their phone.

Considering the FCC filing has leaked online, it’s safe to say we’ll see this device relatively soon. IFA 2017 is creeping up, and that could be the stage where Samsung unveils the Gear Sport and any of its siblings. Of course, we don’t have confirmation on this, but it seems likely anyhow, especially when considering the Gear S3 was announced at the same location last year.

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