Prepare to Question the Goriest Phone Commerical of All Time


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OnePlus has released a new ad showcasing the company’s OnePlus 5 camera capabilities. Usually, you see a bunch of cheesy actors or extras taking pictures with a smartphone in typical day-to-day scenarios, but OnePlus has taken things to a new level. And by new level, I mean a level no one has ever stooped to: a serial killer.

Yes, you read correctly. OnePlus is showing off the new OnePlus 5 dual rear cameras in an ad with a serial killer. After the “Lake Blood” name displays across your screen, the spot starts with an innocent-looking girl reading a book called “Unpredictable.” (In my opinion, this should probably be the title for this commercial.) A serial killer with cloth over his face and a bloody chainsaw is revving his engine as the girl hears the noise and acts shocked. She attempts to take a photo of the felon with what looks like a Galaxy S7 when a boy appears with one-and-a-half arms holding a OnePlus 5 which he hands the girl after slapping the S7 out of her hands. They then exchange words about how great the cameras are and even quote Mashable’s review before the girl poses with the killer for a shot. A hard cut occurs when a creep, dark voice tells you the OnePlus 5 is “clearly the smarter choice.” Afterward, you see the killer taking a selfie next to the two dead kids covered in fake blood.

I can tell you, this is probably the goriest phone commercial I’ve ever seen and has probably ever come out. While watching it, it just makes you question what OnePlus was thinking when they were cooking it up. I mean, seriously, is a serial killer the way to promote your product? How about normal use cases such as a girl taking a picture of a butterfly with the portrait mode or a boy snapping a photo of his baseball after a season winner? Anything probably would’ve sufficed over this. Heck, I’d rather see an alien abduction just so E.T. could poke the 5 like an elk. I think that would’ve made more sense.

Also, it’s not Halloween, so get that excuse out of your head if you’re thinking about it.


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