Netflix at Least Wants Marvel and Star Wars Movies from Disney

Earlier this week, Disney controversially withdrew from the deal they made with Netflix back in 2012 to go off and start their own streaming service starting in 2019. I went on a tweet storm about this, and essentially, I wasn’t happy. But now, at least things aren’t looking entirely negative as Netflix’s Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos has told Reuters they’ve been in talks with Disney to retain the rights to host Star Wars and Marvel movies on their platform.

“We are still in active discussions,” Sandaros said. So basically, Netflix wants to work out a deal with Disney to keep Marvel and Star Wars films on their platform beyond the 2019 date when the companies’ deal expires. But for now, it looks like it’ll be an uphill battle for the streaming platform as they try to convince the major company to allow them to retain the rights.

It’s worth noting all content released under Disney to Netflix before 2019 will stay on the platform anyway, including Marvel and Star Wars films. Rather, it’s the content that comes out during and after 2019 Netflix is after. For instance, the next Spider-Man film won’t come out for two years, and I’m sure Netflix subscribers would love to watch it on their phones and tablets after it’s been released.

For now, we’ll have to play the waiting game. Hopefully, Disney shows mercy and lets Netflix at least have the Avengers and a fleet of Stormtroopers for their subscribers, even if that means no Toy Story 4 or Frozen 2. I wouldn’t mind that, but I’d still feel sorry for kids who enjoy those films. Maybe the Disney subscription won’t cost that much?

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