Uber Now Lets You Text Your Driver in the App


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Uber is rolling out a fresh update to its mobile app for iOS and Android that allows riders to text their driver if, say, they need to know which corner to meet them at or what color clothing to look out for. This feature is intended to make the process of requesting and taking an Uber safer, according to the company, as neither end will have each other’s phone number in the end.

Another perk of this feature is you don’t even need a phone number. Some folks may wanna request a ride from their Wi-Fi-only device, and not having a phone number to text their driver may’ve been an inconvenience in the past. Now, all you need is an internet connection and the Uber app to chat.

Of course, texting and driving is dangerous, so Uber had to cook up a solution for those behind the wheel. Luckily, they did, as all incoming messages will be read aloud while you’re driving. You’ll then have the option of simply sending a thumbs up icon to your customer, even to simply alert him/her you saw the message.

All in all, I’m sure many folks will use this feature to stay in touch with who’s gonna be picking them up in 20 minutes. In-app chat will roll out to all users and drivers over the coming weeks, with some people getting the update as soon as today.


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