LG to Enable FM Radio on Future Smartphones


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LG has announced a new partnership between them and NextRadio to enable the FM chipset inside future smartphones so users can tune into local stations. This type of ability is possible on apps like iHeart Radio and TuneIn Radio, but by listening to native FM stations minus the internet, you save battery life and precious data. Obviously, this would be favored by many users, especially those with lower-end devices that may not have unlimited data or the best battery life.

Future LG phones will come with the NextRadio app pre-installed so you can listen to FM radio stations in your area. Previously, LG made their own FM radio app that’s currently available on the G6, V20, Stylo 3, and X Power. With this change, you’ll be getting a much more robust and focused FM transmitter that aims to deliver a better experience than simple built-in utilities like LG’s approach to the feature.

Even though LG has included this same feature in previous devices, this is relevant news since the company is vowing to include it in more handsets than previously. The change is also coming to those in Canada and Latin American countries. So while we’ve had FM privileges before on LG phones, it looks like even more folks will be able to enjoy its benefits. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this go into effect starting with the V30.


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