Facebook’s New Watch Tab Will House Original Content and Replace Videos

Facebook has announced its new Watch tab for their desktop and mobile interfaces. The feature will house the company’s upcoming original contnet in an effort to compete with leading contenders who are doing similar things, such as Snapchat.

Watch will not only show pre-recorded content like original series and such but also live content. Facebook made a deal with MLB to stream one live baseball game a week. Therefore, the company isn’t simply interested in making up its own shows for its users to watch. Rather, they’re also interested in the live television market and hope to gain traction in this department against others like Twitter who has NFL rights.

Since Watch will be replacing the previous Videos tab, Facebook will be curating certain types of content based on users’ interests. So if you tend to follow DIY projects on the platform, you’ll probably see more how-to videos and handyman-based series pop up. The company will also divide the content into sections including “Most Talked About,” What’s Making People Laugh,” and “What Friends Are Watching.” Basically, Facebook will try every way possible to get the best content in front of your face they think you’ll like.

Facebook will also be taking cues from Live by displaying comments and reactions shared by people such as your friends and other users while streaming content. This type of feature is probably ideal for live events like baseball games and other up-to-the-minute streams rather pre-recorded programming, but it could work either way if the show you’re watching is, for instance, suspensful.

This new tab will be rolling out to a select number of users starting today. Facebook will launch about 40 different shows on August 28th for your streaming pleasure. Additionally, if you wanna make a show for Facebook, the company will also be opening up this aspect to creators. More info can be found here.

You can learn more about Facebook’s Watch tab by visiting their blog post about the feature.

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