Anker Unveils $35 Amazon Echo Dot Competitor w/ Better Audio Quality

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Anker is a pretty well-known brand in the device accessory market, but not many have thought of the company in a way beyond that. Starting today, it looks like this is changing as the company has unveiled a $35 competitor to the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, as the latter costs $50.


Called the Eufy Genie, this Amazon Alexa-powered speaker works just like a standard Echo or Echo Dot. All the voice commands work, including controlling smart home appliances. It’s a bit bigger than an Echo Dot, but that’s due to the device apparently having better audio quality. This is really nice to see since the device is $15 cheaper than the cheapest Echo you can buy.

The Eufy Genie will also soon control Anker’s own smart lights and wall plugs which will be introduced in the near future.


Overall, for $35, this is probably a really great value. Of course, we’ll have to check out the device for ourselves to determine this. But at least on paper, things seem promising.

Anker’s Echo competitor will begin shipping on August 16th, one week from today. It’ll sell for $35 like previously mentioned. A $40 variant with Bluetooth connectivity for connecting to external speakers will arrive at some point in the future.

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