T-Mobile’s JUMP! Plan Now Lets You Change Your Phone Each Month

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T-Mobile has updated its JUMP! On Demand plan with the ability for customers to upgrade their phone every thirty days. Previously, customers were eligible for a phone upgrade three times a year on the plan, but it now can be done up to a staggering twelve times.

Of course, with the plan, you’ll still be locked to T-Mobile for 18 months when you sign up, but it may be worth it if you can keep switching your phone like this. Personally, I like to call this the Reviewers Plan since this is pretty much how often those in the smartphone reviewer space (including myself) need to make the switch to the latest and greatest. But if you’re just someone who tends to get bored from a smartphone after just a month of use, you now have the option to spice things up and grab something different.

More information on JUMP! On Demand can be found here.

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