Microsoft Brings Fluent Design Refresh to Xbox One

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Microsoft has released the first alpha build of the Fall Creators Update for the Xbox One, and it brings an all-new UI to the gaming console. The fresh look is based on the company’s recently introduced Fluent Design System that delivers cleaner visuals and slicker animations to create an overall better user experience.

The home screen is receiving a majority of the changes in build 1710 for the Xbox One. You now have better control over what pops up when, while reorganizing content, adding Activit Feeds, and shortcuts to such areas as Game Hub can now all be aggregated onto your home area. It’s now also faster and easier to switch between tabs in the Guide which is also getting a redesign.


The community section is also getting some updates like a full-screen view for an Activity Feed and the ability to read incoming comments in the same manner. Hubs, Profiles, and Clubs are also refreshed in this build to better reflect the other changes in the OS.


Finally, Microsoft has made it easier to enable/disable Game Mode on a per-game basis “by putting a switch directly in the Game bar.” There’s also some tweaks made to how audio is streamed over Mixer so players have greater control over what their audiences hear.

Of course, other tweaks and changes throughout the system can be found as well. You’ll just have to dig around for them. For those wondering, there’s also a changelog you can view here.

Microsoft says even more features and changes are coming for Xbox One users as a part of the Fall Creators Update over the coming months. Testers will obviously get the updates sooner, so if you wanna see what everyone’s getting before they do, you may wanna opt in to receive pre-release builds of the update.

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