Instagram Will Soon Allow Two People on the Same Live Stream

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As originally reported by Refinery29, Instagram is gearing up to introduce a new feature to its Live streaming platform. In the near future, the platform will allow two people to collaborate on a live stream and have their faces appear side-by-side vertically on viewer’s smartphones. The feature is beginning to roll out to a select number of testers before a wider rollout in the coming weeks.


According to Refingery29, Instagram saw an opportunity to create the feature when they realized more than one person was physically appearing in live streams.”After we launched the first version of Live [last November], we noticed that a lot of folks were using it with friends in person,” said Shilpa Sarkar, a product manager on the Live team. “We wanted to bring that offline behavior online, so to speak, with a feature that allows you to be live with a friend even if you aren’t in the exact same space.”

Since then, the company has kept the feature under wraps with the code name project Tango (since it takes two to tango) and has been developing it for a beta release which is now rolling out. To see if you have the feature on your phone, check for a faces icon in the Live Instagram panel. If you see it, tap it and select one of your contacts to join you on a live stream. We didn’t get the feature here in the office, but it could come later if we’re lucky.

If you get the feature, feel free to screenshot it and tweet at us @TheMatridox.


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  1. […] Back in August, Instagram teased it would introduce the ability for users to start a live stream and add a second person after realizing more than one person often appeared physically in a video. Now, that feature is beginning to roll out to both iOS and Android users of the mobile app. […]

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