HTC Will Roll Out 60 FPS Video to U11 Owners Over the ‘Next Couple of Months’


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We just saw OnePlus roll out 60 frames per second 4K video support to the OnePlus 5, and now HTC appears to be doing something similar with their U11 flagship for 2017. In a tweet sent out by the company, they confirmed that 60 fps video is coming to the device “over the next couple of months.” The only thing is we’re not entirely sure whether this means 60 fps 4K video or 60 fps 1080p. It’s likely the latter, but who knows?

We’re also not sure why it’s gonna take a couple of months to fully roll out. OnePlus was able to do so nearly instantly to everyone and it’s not like the U11 is available on a bunch of different carriers that need to approve the update first (in fact, that job only belongs to Sprint), so it looks like HTC just wants to take their time with this. It just doens’t make perfect sense why they’d do so. Maybe we’ll gain more insight soon.


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