T-Mobile Introduces Unlimited Plan for Baby Boomers, Two Lines for $60/Month

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T-Mobile has announced a new plan specifically for baby boomers. If you or someone you know is 55 years of age or older, the new T-Mobile One Unlimited 55+ plan will give you two lines of unlimited talk, text, and data for just $60 per month as long as you have AutoPay on. This is in contrast to what a typical two-line plan on T-Mobile One costs which is $100/month. “A new reason to get a fake ID,” the company quotes.

In a video by CEO John Legere, he points out that this plan is meant to compete with other senior plans such as AT&T’s Senior Nation which gives users 200 anytime minutes, 500 night and weekend minutes, and a basic phone that can only make phone calls. What’s worse, it costs $29.99/month which is ridiculous for only being able to place calls.

“For years, the carriers have been patronizing the generation that invented wireless. They thank these mobile pioneers by selling dumbed down ‘senior’ plans with exactly zero data and — get this — night and weekend minutes! That’s not just idiotic — it’s insulting!” said Legere. “Today, the Un-carrier ends this ridiculousness with T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ — an offer that recognizes how Boomers and beyond actually use their smartphones!”

If you’re 55 or older, you should probably jump on this plan. Not only are you saving money from it, but you’re also getting unlimited data for the price. You don’t really see prices like this from many carriers, so you’ll probably really appreciate it in the end.

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Also, grandma and grandpa can now use their phones for more than just calling you and asking why their emails aren’t showing up on their Dell desktop. Now they can text you or Snap you or do whatever the kids are doing nowadays.


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