Report: Samsung Holding Off on In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner Until Galaxy Note 9


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According to security firm KGI (via 9to5Google), Samsung is gonna hold off on the whole “embed a fingerprint sensor into a screen” ordeal for a while. In the report, KGI notes that the company is likely to skip the technology for both the Galaxy Note 8 and S9 and will instead aim to include it in next year’s Galaxy Note 9. This means that we have two more Galaxies to get through that have horribly-mounted fingerprint scanners. Great.

KGI says since they and many others are having such serious issues with the technology, Samsung is expected to just put it on the back burner for the time being. They simply don’t wanna risk the technology on such important smartphones as the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, at least for now. Of course, as time progresses and things become a bit better for under-display scanners, we’ll see it pop up in more areas across the smartphone industry. But for now, it looks like we’ll have to play the waiting game. You could say we had to do the same thing with regular fingerprint scanners back in the day.

Apple is also expected to hold off on using the technology for their bezel-less iPhone 8 which will likely replace the fingerprint scanner altogether with facial recognition.


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