Amazon is Once Again Selling BLU Smartphones After ‘False Alarm’


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Amazon is once again selling BLU smartphones. After a short hiatus, the retailer has once again listed the company’s smartphones on its website. The reason behind the period of unavailability is due to security worries that were said to be surrounding the fact that the phones could’ve been stealing users’ data. However, according to a tweet sent out by BLU, this was a “false alarm.”

In a statement given to Engadget, BLU says that any data on users’ devices which is collected is solely “standard for OTA functionality” and “does not affect any user’s privacy or security.” According to Amazon’s statement given to Tom’s Hardware, the retailer could pull any product if information given to them is determined to “potentially impact [its] customers’ experience.” After speaking with BLU, the online retailer determined it was safe again to resume selling the devices.

Assumingly, this was a false alarm. Otherwise, I don’t see why Amazon would once again list BLU’s devices. Mind you, its smartphones still aren’t available through Amazon’s Prime Exclusive program, but you can buy them nonetheless from the retailer, if to an extent. Just do so with caution since there are so many accusations out now that BLUE devices aren’t safe.


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