Apple’s iPhone 7s is Getting a Major Design Upgrade

9to5Mac has received some hands-on photos of what it claims to be a dummy unit of the upcoming iPhone 7s Plus, the successor to the iPhone 7 Plus that will be announced alongside the iPhone 7s and bezel-less iPhone 8. According to the images, the phone will receive a pretty major design upgrade with glass on the front and back of the device over the previously used 7000 series aluminum. It also appears there will be some type of metal frame surrounding the edges of the device, although this is just a guess based off how these pictures look.

Since the backs of the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will be glass, Apple is expected to include wireless charging in their entire lineup for 2017. Current reports suggest the feature could be delayed until a future iOS 11 update arrives, but it’s unclear just how legitimate these rumors are.

That being said, 9to5Mac does seem pretty confident in a couple of key areas surrounding the next-gen iPhone’s specs. According to their report, the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will sport the Apple A11 SoC (system-on-chip) and a minimum of 64Gb of storage. This would double what’s currently available with the iPhone 7. The phones are also expected to begin shipping in mid-September which seems highly likely given the iPhone’s history.

We’re still a month away from seeing the devices officially, so expect more leaks like this to hit your newsfeed in the near future. No doubt we’ll eventually hear more about the futuristic iPhone 8 as well.

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