HDR Content on Netflix Can Now Be Streamed on Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium


Netflix has added the Sony Xperia XZ Premium to its short list of supported devices that can stream HDR content (via Android Police). This means that owners of the handset will get the best picture possible from the streaming service, but there are, of course, some prerequisites you’ll need to be aware of before you can enjoy yourself.

For one, you’ll have to be subscribed to Netflix’s 4 Screen premium subscription option, you’ll need to be on the XZ Premium’s latest firmware, and you’ll have to have an internet connection at greater speeds than 25mbps. Of course, if you’ve got all of this covered, you’ll be in the clear. HDR content currently available on Netflix includes Dare DevilHouse of Cards, and Marco Polo amongst others.

The XZ Premium is amongst the now four devices that support the streaming quality. The LG G6, Chromecast Ultra, and Nvidia Shield and Shield Pro can all also stream HDR content using the UltraHD Premium and Dolby Vision standards. Currently, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ aren’t supported due to the handsets, while having HDR capabilities, using the Mobile HDR Premium standard. I’m sure once Netflix natively supports this standard, the phones will be able to stream HDR shows and movies to your heart’s content. Until then, you’ll need to opt for one of the devices listed above.

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