Google Now Downranks Android Apps That Aren’t Stable


Google has announced they’re updating the way Android apps are ranked in the Play Store. Basically, they’re doing it for end users in order to improve their overall experience.

According to the company, most 1-star reviews of applications are due to instability of the app. In other words, the app has a record of crashing on users’ devices. If this is the case, the app will be downranked in the Play Store to avoid most people from downloading it and having a poor experience. Google says they’re now looking at “performance data, user engagement, and user ratings” to provide the best experience to end users, which could mean your app will be downranked in both overall rankings on the Play Store and search results.

For developers, Google recommends using Android Vitals to track the performance of your app in the Play Store and to ensure there aren’t any major issues with it. Overall, this change should be beneficial for both users and developers as users won’t be promoted as often to download a potentially unstable app and developers will know when there could be a problem with their software.

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