LG has confirmed in a press release that their next flagship smartphone, known as the V30, will pack a 6-inch bezel-less OLED display. It’ll be the company’s first phone with an OLED screen since the G Flex 2 that was announced back in 2015.

Specifically, the V30 will use P-OLED technology, or a plastic OLED panel. What this enables is rounded corners rather having squared-off edges around the display. This is largely the reason you see P-OLED panels on smartwatches like the round LG Watch Sport. The phone will also have a Quad HD+ resolution (2880×1440), an 18:9 aspect ratio, and HDR 10 support. It’ll also be covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

The screen will reduce the surrounding bezels on the top and bottom by 20 and 50 percent, respectively. Thanks to this, the company will move its logo from the front of the phone to the back. In addition, LG says the new OLED display on the V30 will cover 148 percent of the sRGB color space and 109 percent of the DCI-P3 color space.

The V30 will also focus on VR since it has an OLED display which is usually ideal for this case scenario. We already knew the phone would support Daydream when Google announced it back in I/O 2017, but it’s always nice to hear confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth.

Finally, LG touts the V30’s display has been eliminated of any screen burn-in problems that have affected OLED displays in the past. The company also notes it’ll help save battery since not all the pixels on an OLED screen need to be on while viewing content, especially anything black or dark colored.

We’re now four weeks away from seeing the V30 officially, and since LG likes to tease everyone multiple times leading up to one of their events, expect to hear more official confirmations like this in the near future.