God Knows Why, But Facebook is Bringing Stories to Your Desktop

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Let’s face it, folks. Facebook Stories is used by no one. Well, besides Mark Zuckerberg. But that’s against the point.

The point is no one uses them. But Facebook must think they do, because as confirmed by TechCrunch, the social network will soon bring Stories to the desktop.

And I have no idea why.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook is still testing the feature, but they expect to induce a full roll out in the near future. Stories will live on the top-right side of your Facebook feed, while clicking on one will darken your browser and present the Story like you’d find it on your mobile device.



But seriously, how many people are gonna go on on their desktop PC or laptop and watch Stories? Why wouldn’t you just use your phone? I mean, people actually paying attention to Stories probably only use their phone for Facebook anyway. Why even bother going through the trouble to get Stories in front of the faces of mothers and grandmothers everywhere?

And seriously, why bother doing this solely out of the fact that no one uses it? Facebook dominated Snapchat with Instagram Stories, but it’s not looking good for their flagship platform, WhatsApp, and even Messenger. Why extend these features beyond mobile? For what, so more people know they exist?

Yeah, at this point, I’m just rambling and ranting. But really, anyone with common sense probably agrees. I just hope they don’t go much further than this with the whole Stories concept. Otherwise, they’ll be just wasting time.



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