Apple’s HomePod firmware is revealing a lot about the upcoming iPhone 8. They share a similar OS (in case you’re wondering, they both run iOS) and their release dates are somewhat close together, so there are some similarities between the two. But for whatever reason, code that should probably only be placed in the iPhone’s firmware has appeared in the HomePod’s, and now we’re hearing what the device’s screen resolution may be.

According to Steve T-S on Twitter who has been digging around the code found within the HomePod’s firmware, there’s a mention of an iPhone with a display resolution of 2436×1125, nearly hitting the usual 2560×1440 spec of other phones and surpassing the 2K mark. We can confirm this is likely the iPhone 8’s resolution since three other resolutions are listed as 1136×640, 1334×750, and 1920×1080 which are all the screen resolutions of the iPhone SE, 7, and 7 Plus, respectively. Therefore, it looks like the iPhone 8 will have Apple’s best Retina display ever.

Furthermore, additional code hints that the next iPhone will have a digital home button called the “home indicator,” a double-tap-to-wake function similar to what’s on LG and Windows phones, and something called “attention detection” that will likely silence your phone’s notifications while you look at the screen. Multiple face detection references were also discovered, indicating further the iPhone 8 will be able to identify faces.

Overall, this iPhone is looking more baller than what’s ever been offered by the company in the past. At this point, we’re about a month away from its official announcement so stay in the Matridox as we uncover more.