Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is gearing up to receive a fresh upgrade to Android 7.1 Nougat. According to a software update summary over on Vodafone Austrailia’s website, the 7.1 upgrade for the S8 and S8+ has been submitted and is awaiting approval for a full-on rollout. This indicates that the handsets will soon be running nearly the latest version of Android. And while we can only assume the software update will reach everyone else including those in the United States, it seems likely Austrailia won’t be the only place to have 7.1 on Samsung’s latest flagship for long.

Screenshot (29)Considering the S8 and S8+ will soon be getting Android 7.1, it may be safe to assume the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will also receive 7.1 when it launches later this month. Right now, it’s unclear what software will come on the device out of the box, but this could be an indication Samsung will opt for the latest version of the OS for their next flagship.

We’ll let you know when/if the 7.1 update hits other S8s around the world.