RED’s Hydrogen One Smartphone Gets a Teaser in New Video

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YouTuber Marques Brownlee has gone hands-on with three different prototypes of RED’s upcoming Hydrogen One smartphone. The device was originally revealed at the beginning of last month, and it was rightfully called insane by many. Now, we have a few more details to base our expectations off of.

For starters, the phone will be massive. The first prototype of the Hydrogen One reveals what it will look like when it goes on sale, and Brownlee says it’s roughly as big as an iPhone 7 Plus, but with some type of case on it. This is understandable since the phone will be jam-packed with high tech when it’s released. The phone also needs to serve as a display mount for the company’s camera array, so there’s just a bunch of functions built into this thing that are gonna have to live somewhere, and a thick, chunky body was probably the only way to achieve this.

As some additional tidbits, the power button is flat and doubles as a fingerprint reader, there’s dual front-facing speakers, the phone’s super grippy, there are pins at the bottom for attaching modules like on the Moto Z, and there’s a headphone jack that will be eventually moved to the top of the device rather staying on the bottom.

The next prototype Brownlee demoed showed off the working holographic display RED’s been promising. We didn’t get a glimpse at the technology they’re using or what the screen looks like at all, but Brownlee’s impressions were pretty promising.

“I was pretty impressed,” said Brownlee. “It definitely wasn’t perfect, it had some light bleeding on the outside of the display and some stuttering when I messed with some 4D gaming stuff. But this was a prototype, and this will just keep getting better with time and, hopefully, be buttery smooth and seamlessly integrated by the time it launches next year.”

Brownlee goes on to note that users will be able to turn off the 4D mode and use the 5.5-inch “super high-resolution” display in a normal 2D mode.

Finally, the last prototype Brownlee demoed was a module that will be attachable to the back of the Hydrogen One that added a dedicated image sensor. Yes, the phone looks industrial and seriously extreme with it strapped on, and I’ll assume it’ll live up to the hype when it gets released. Or at least I hope so, anyway…

This $1,200 smartphone will be released next year. Between now and then, we expect to hear much more about the device as RED reveals all of their plans.


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