Day: August 2, 2017


These Glittery iPhone Cases Are Being Recalled for Burns and Swelling

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Apparently, because a phone case is sparkly and filled with glitter, it doens’t mean it’s safe. MixBin, a case manufacturer who sells its product in a …

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Scientists Have Altered Human DNA For the First Time in the US

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They may have been successful and things might seem promising, but there could be major complications down the road.


Here’s the Full List of Specs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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We’ve been seeing a lot of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as of late. We’ve seen two press rendersĀ and its launch date revealed, but we have …


I Wouldn’t Trust These Google Pixel 2 Cases

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Hey, there’s more phone cases for sale. No, they’re not for the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Rather, they’re now available for users of Google’s upcoming Pixel …


RED’s Hydrogen One Smartphone Gets a Teaser in New Video

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MKBHD has shown off three different prototypes of the device, and we can now officially say this phone will be one of the most insane to ever hit the market.


LG’s V30 Could Have One of the Best Low-Light Cameras Ever

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According to a report from Android Authority, LG’s upcoming V30 handset could have one of the low-light cameras on any smartphone to date. The device would …

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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is Getting Android 7.1 Soon

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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is gearing up to receive a fresh upgrade to Android 7.1 Nougat. According to a software update summary over on Vodafone Austrailia’s website, …

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Skype for Mobile Now Lets You Send Money via PayPal

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Skype has announced that they’re adding peer-to-peer payments via PayPal to their mobile apps for iOS and Android. This comes after the service landed on platforms …


Samsung’s Insane 88-inch QLED TV is Now Available for $20,000

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Back at CES, Samsung unveiled an absolutely insane 88-inch QLED television called the Q9. It only took seven months, but now the TV is available for …


The iPhone 8 Will Probably Have a Screen Resolution Higher Than 2K

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Apple’s HomePod firmware is revealing a lot about the upcoming iPhone 8. They share a similar OS (in case you’re wondering, they both run iOS) and …

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