Microsoft today launched its new Mixed Reality headsets from manufacturers Acer and HP. The headsets each cost $299 and $329, respectively, and are available for everyone to purchase.

Mind you, they’re not perfect yet. They may have nice specs like 2.89-inch 1440×1440 displays, 95-degree horizontal fields of view, HDMI and headphone jacks, and a refresh rate of up to 90Hz, but the requirements for them to operate at a decent level are pretty high. While you need to have at least integrated Intel HD Graphics 620, Microsoft recommends an Nvidia GTX 980, 1060, or higher which most PCs don’t have. You know, unless you’re a heavy gamer.

Nevertheless, the requirements for Mixed Reality to work decently, in my opinion, need to be slimmed down a bit for consumers to enjoy the technology to the fullest. Developers can do what they want since the Mixed Reality platform still needs work done to make it more consumer-friendly, but if you’re just a regular guy who loves VR, you may wanna hold off for a little while.

That being said, you can pick up the headsets from Microsoft’s online store here (Acer) and here (HP) if you must have one.


Posted by Max Buondonno

Founder and executive editor at Matridox (formally MBEDDED). I've also founded and am the sitting CEO at MBEDDED Media, a new kind of media company. Lover of anything and everything involving technology. I know CSS and basic HTML to an extent. Writer, blogger, critic, coder, and self-certified genius. Oh, and I'm told I'm a legend, if that means anything to you.


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