Google Might Include Bluetooth Accessory Battery Indicators in Android O

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According to developers at XDA who’ve been digging around AOSP code from within Android O, it looks like Google will soon let you check the battery levels of connected Bluetooth devices natively from your phone. This will eliminate the need for a third-party app that are never exactly accurate in this department.

According to XDA, Google is apparently experimenting with new Bluetooth APIs that could enable the feature. It’ll also allow users to view things like their headphone’s battery life in a percentage from 0-100. The feature could show up in areas like the notification center or status bar on one’s phone. However, since it’s still being developed and isn’t present in the latest Android O preview build, it’s safe to say a future update to Android will bring the feature.

This is pretty unfortunate. I’m sure most people would want the feature as soon as possible, especially since so many manufacturers and OEMs are including makeshift versions of the feature on their devices (e.g. Samsung, OnePlus, LG). Oh, and Apple has the feature, which is probably killing Android fans.

Nevertheless, at least at this point, Android 8.1 could bring the feature to life. We’re just gonna have to be patient and see what happens.


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