Amazon Halts Sales of BLU Smartphones Due to Security Risks


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Amazon isn’t selling BLU smartphones anymore, at least for the time being. The company told CNET that due to security and privacy concerns that were detailed by Kryptowire last week during a conference, the retailer will be halting all sales of BLU-branded handsets until the issue’s resolved.

“Because security and privacy of our customers is of the utmost importance, all BLU phone models have been made unavailable for purchase on until the issue is resolved,” Amazon said in a statement.

According to Kryptowire, BLU has been proven to be sending personal data overseas without users consent, therefore exposing people’s privacy and security for the rest of the world to see. It also leaves people vulnerable to security attacks like phone hackings, remote operations, and stolen call logs and text messages. In defense, BLU states it “has several policies in place which take customer privacy and security seriously.” This may be so, but it doesn’t mean you can’t also disobey yourself at the same time and try to get away with it.

With this news, it means there’s one less phone to buy from Amazon’s Prime Exclusives category. If you recall, Prime Exclusive phones are devices with heavy discounts that swap out spending extra money with placing ads on your lock screen. The handsets are exclusive to Prime members, but now what was known as the BLU R1 HD is no longer for sale to anyone.

It remains uncertain as to when/if BLU will ever get this issue resolved. In the mean time, you’ll no longer be able to buy one of the company’s cheap smartphones. And if you already have, it may be your safest bet to return it.


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