RIP: Microsoft is Killing its iPhone Keyboard

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As first spotted by Windows Central in a support note, Microsoft has announced they’re killing the Word Flow iOS keyboard. The keyboard, a port from Windows Phone that is now dead itself, will be survived by the company’s acquisition of SwiftKey that’s now being promoted as its replacement.

Microsoft’s full message for the discontinuation of Word Flow is as follows:

The Word Flow experiment is now complete! We encourage you to download the SwiftKey Keyboard from the App Store. The SwiftKey product team is frequently building and evaluating new features for SwiftKey and shipping updates.

Starting today, you can no longer download Word Flow from the App Store, while users will no longer receive updates. At least for the benefit of the company, Microsoft will now be able to compete on a stronger level with other third-party keyboards like Google’s Gboard as SwiftKey is already available on both iOS and Android. Therefore, the death of Word Flow probably won’t come as a surprise to many as it hasn’t made any major waves in the way we type stuff in with out iPhones.

That being said, it’s always sad to see things die. Light a candle, folks.


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