Apple’s HomePod Just Confirmed the iPhone 8


I’m not sure how they can screw up this badly, but Apple has accidentally pushed out a firmware update to the upcoming HomePod that, mind you, hasn’t reached the market yet and is probably only in the homes of Apple executives. I say screw up because the firmware has reached the internet where it has no business being what with a bunch of developers and hackers always present. But hey, it’s there, it’s been decompiled, and it’s confirmed the iPhone 8.

Yesterday we showed you a piece of paper that’s coming in the iPhone 8’s box that confirmed its final design, and now we’re seeing that same depiction hidden in the HomePod software’s code. Developer/Twitter user Guilherme Rambo found the icon in the software and tweeted it out for the world to see. You’ll notice there’s very little bezels surrounding the screen alongside a notch at the top to house the cameras, sensors, and earpiece.

That’s probably enough for most people, but wait! There’s more!

Also found hidden in the HomePod’s code, for whatever reason, is confirmation that the iPhone 8 will come with biometric face recognition. There’s a ton of code that hints at “BKFaceDetect” where “BK” stands for “BiometricKit.” Seriously, I have no idea why this code is in the HomePod software, but I’ll assume the iPhone 8 and this smart speaker are connected some way or another.

The way this biometric recognition system will work is via infrared cameras so the technology can work in both day and nighttime conditions. It’ll use a 3D camera to tell whether you’re using your face or holding up a picture to try to trick the system, and I’m sure it’ll be stupid secure because Apple’s like that. It may also replace Touch ID, but I doubt it.

Furthermore, the bezel-free iPhone 8 will carry the trend set by manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and Essential by ridding the frame that usually sits around the iPhone’s display. It’ll also carry likely an all-glass body with high-end internals and no 32GB storage option. Plus, we’re near certain you’ll be able to charge it wirelessly.

Overall, this September should be pretty jam-packed with news from Cupertino. We’ll let you know if we hear anything further regarding this story.

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