Apple’s iPhone 8 is no doubt heavily anticipated by many. As being one of the most radically redesigned phones the company has ever made, it has every right to be so. Now, via Weibo and Slashleaks, we’re getting what looks like an official glimpse at the handset’s final design according to Apple.


A leaked guide that will arrive in the box of the iPhone 8 depicting how to eject the SIM card was revealed over the weekend, and it gives us confirmation that the phone will have little to no bezels and a notch at the top to house the earpiece, front-facing camera, and other sensors. We can also confirm the power button will stay on the right side of the handset with a SIM tray below it alongside volume buttons and a ringer switch on the top left.

While we don’t get much more information regarding the iPhone 8 out of this leak, it does mean we’re just a short time away from actually seeing the device officially. Apple’s expected to unveil the handset at an event this September, so we’re about a little over a month away from seeing the finished product.