Poll: IR Blaster on a Smartphone or Nah?


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This is gonna make me sound weird and not in the matrix like everyone else, but I really like controlling my IR equipment with my phone. I have an LG V20 that has an IR blaster with a built-in remote control app for connecting to my TV, and I can’t stress how convenient it really is to be able to whip out my phone and start controlling my TV’s volume and power all without getting up to find the physical remote.

But this need, for many people, has changed. Not many manufacturers are including the blaster in their phones anymore, therefore leading to less and less people actually using it and knowing just how convenient it could be. LG has chosen to keep the feature around with the V20, but can you guess how many people actually bought it?

I tend to use the blaster on the daily, but I’m curious: do you think more manufacturers should include the technology on their smartphones or should we just let it die? I’m for the latter because IR isn’t dead yet, but I could be wrong.

Take the poll below and share your opinions in the comments!


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