Wonder Woman 2 is Coming in December 2019

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Over the weekend, Warner Bros. confirmed they were working on a sequel to the largely popular Wonder Woman film. While they didn’t give us a release date for the film, The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting the movie will be released December 13, 2019.

THR confirms Gal Gadot will return to portray the title character once again, while director Patty Jenkins is still in talks to direct the sequel. I wouldn’t be so skeptical about her not returning to direct the second Wonder Woman movie since she enjoyed major success with the first installment. I can only imagine Jenkins would want in on this project as well.

We don’t know what the film will be about or who else will star in it, but it’s said Wonder Woman 2 will take place during the 1980s. Considering we have 29 more months before the movie is actually released, I’m sure we’ll learn much more about the film in the future.


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