HP Debuts Revamped Pavilion All-in-One PCs w/ Latest Intel and AMD Chips

HP has refreshed its Pavilion All-in-One (AiO) PC lineup with two new models today. The machines, arriving in 24-inch and 27-inch display sizes, feature all-new designs that measure in at just 8.5-mm thin.


Specifically, most of the display part of the new Pavilion AiOs is 8.5-mm thin. The rest of the PCs are much thicker to house the components like RAM, motherboard, and SSDs. Luckily, HP was able to still make the computers attractive to look at and durable for long-term use.


Speaking of looking at, the new Pavilion AiOs range in resolution from Full HD to 4K, depending on which options you select while checking out. You can also opt to have your screen touch-enabled. And if you purchase the 24-inch model, you’ll get little-to-no bezels surrounding the actual screen. This may not be present on the 27-inch model, but at least the bezels aren’t exactly so fat you can’t stand to look at them.

As for specs, the new AiOs come with the latest Intel and AMD processors. The 24-inch model also comes with AMD Radeon R7 discrete graphics for light gaming. You can also configure the machines with up to 16GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. HP also resurrects the disappearing web cam that you can slide into view by ejecting it from the top of the machine. This is to protect users’ privacy without having the need to put something like tape over the web cam.


The new Pavilion AiOs also come with fabric-covered speakers tuned by Bang & Olufsen. The tilt range of the hing on the PCs is also apparently pretty high quality as it can be adjusted from -5 degrees to +35 degrees. There’s also an HDMI out port on the back to output your screen to a secondary monitor or TV.


HP’s refreshed Pavilion AiOs start at $749 and can be yours via this link.

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