Henry Cavill Contractedly Can’t Shave to Be in Justice League

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Everyone has problems. Whether you missed that piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth while flossing after lunch at the office or trying to tie your shoes while cutting your hair, there always seems to be something in our lives that just annoys us. Well, I can only imagine how the director and producers of the upcoming Justice League feel about their latest struggle.

According to Variety, Henry Cavill, the actor who portrays Superman in DC’s universe, is literally, contractedly unable to shave his mustache to film re-shots for Justice League. This is due to Paramount locking the actor in since he’s currently shooting the Mission: Impossible sequel. Therefore, it’s gonna take a little movie magic to make the Man of Steal clean shaven. Luckily, Warner Bros. will be able to digitally erase the ‘stache from Cavill’s upper lip in post production, but this is still a stupid pain in the butt to have.

This isn’t the first hurdle the studio has had to leap over just to get Justice League done. Back in May, original director Zack Snyder had to leave the project due to personal reason, therefore bringing in new director Joss Whedon who will complete the remaining portion of the film. There have also been scheduling issues with The Flash, a.k.a. Ezra Miller, so at this point production of this movie is pretty much all over this place. Let’s hope it still comes out as awesome as its trailers look.

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