Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active Looks Like a Less-Exciting S8 with Bigger Bezels


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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active has been something of a hot topic as of late. The device was originally rumored to get outfitted in a more rugged exterior in April, which then leaked back in May. Now two months later, a Redditor who hosted an AMA surrounding the device has leaked the first images of the handset.

As you can see, the S8 Active simply looks like a less-pretty S8 with slightly larger bezels. They’re still tiny, but they don’t exactly match that of the standard S8 currently on sale. That being said, we still see the 5.8-inch QHD+ Infinity Display as we see on the S8 minus the curves alongside the return of software navigation keys. The corners of the screen are also curved for extra protection.

At least according to the images, it looks like Samsung will be ditching its camo design as seen with other Active variants of the company’s flagship Galaxy S smartphones. This is surely a welcome change as the camo never really looked that great on these smartphones, so at least they’re paying attention to design.

We also don’t see a customizable Active key on this Galaxy S Active smartphone. Apparently, it’s been replaced by the non-remappable Bixby key that all of us resent. I’m not sure how many people actually used the key anyway, but I could see many Active smartphone fans pretty disappointed by this news.

As for the rest of the S8 Active, the same Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage with microSD card, 12MP camera, fingerprint sensor, and USB-C port are expected to arrive. There will also be an upgraded 4,000mAh battery and Android Nougat with an upgrade to Android O when it gets released. We’ll also see improved drop protection thanks to the new body and improved water resistance.

All in all, the upcoming S8 Active looks like a promising phone with a cleaner body and high-end specs that will be able to compete with basically any phone put out in 2017. One downside of the smartphone will be its exclusivity to AT&T, but if you’re already signed onto the carrier, this shouldn’t be a problem.

We don’t know how much the phone will cost or when it could get released, but stay tuned as we expect that information soon.


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