Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Might Arrive with Bixby-Powered Headphones

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A report that surfaced over the weekend claims Samsung may be gearing up to introduce new headphones powered by Bixby. In the report by ETNews, at the time the Galaxy Note 8 launches, the company may also bring to market Apple AirPod competitors compatible with the Korean tech giant’s AI assistant. They may even have noise-cancelling technology.

It’s not mentioned in the report what these headphones could be called or how much they ‘ll cost, but a Samsung executive has reportedly said these headphones aren’t yet confirmed so there’s still the possibility of them being axed altogether or just held off. We also don’t know if they’ll arrive in the boxy of the Note 8, but this seems unlikely.

Of course, before Samsung goes jumping the gun on Bixby, it’s probably best to focus solely on improving their software product before more hardware products are produced. The company was rumored to have been developing a Bixby-powered home speaker to go neck-and-neck with the likes of Amazon, Google, and Apple in the home market, but they reportedly shelved the device to focus on developing Bixby into the best it can be. They may need to do the same thing here. Therefore, I wouldn’t count on these headphones arriving next month or anytime in the near future.

But then again, I could be wrong.

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