Google Brings Motion Stills App to Android, But it’s Not a Big Deal


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Released more than a year ago on iOS as a way to convert Live Photos to shareable GIFs, Google is finally bringing its Motion Stills app to Android. The app has a different set of functions on Google’s own platform, however, as it allows users to record three-second looping GIFs with your camera rather being able to convert photos you’ve already taken. You can also create a hyperlapse with it if you’re into that sort of thing.

Sure, Motion Stills is a bit pointless on Android other than having the ability to create animated GIFs and make 8x fast videos, but maybe it’s worth it to other people. I mean, there’s a built-in stabilizer for your videos and GIFs, and an improved processing algorithm guards against imperfections in your work, but other than that, the app seems a bit empty, at least to me. Hey, maybe you feel different. In that case, tap here to download the app to your Android device for free.

For everyone else, just sit this one out.


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