Apple’s Clips Gains New Disney and Pixar Overlays with Mickey and Minnie Galore

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Apple has released an update to its Clips app for iOS that includes new Disney and Pixar “overlays” that allow users to add their favorite characters to videos. In case you’re unaware, Clips is a video editor for the iPhone and iPad that allows users to create social media-focused, well, clips that look a bit cooler than your average Instagram or Snapchat post.

Characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, and Joy from Inside Out can be added to your clip in the app as a part of version 1.1. There’s also new Disney-designed posters that can be added as playful titles for your videos.

In addition, Apple has included ten new custom overlays they’ve designed for users to enjoy, while twelve new posters designed by Apple were also included in the update. “From glistening water to slow motion billowing smoke and 3-D pop-up art, the new poster designs bring more versatility to iOS video creation,” Apple writes in a press release.


Sure, the Clips app hasn’t enjoyed the success Apple may’ve been hoping for, but at least they have a platform to build off of. Rumor has it Apple will incorporate most of their AR efforts into the Clips app with the release of iOS 11 and the upcoming flagship iPhone this September. Of course, for now, the app remains a place for millennials┬áto put smiley face emojis and Mickey Mouse stickers all over their selfies, but there’s always hope for the future.

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