Amazon’s Alexa is Coming to Android This Week

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Amazon today confirmed to TechCrunch that they’ll soon bring their Alexa assistant to Android devices. Starting next week, an update to their main shopping app for Android will come with the voice assistant onboard, allowing anyone to use their phone like they would an Echo.

For your reference, that means you can do anything on your phone you would with a full-fledged Amazon Echo or Fire tablet. Of course, you have your usual weather check and shopping actions, but you’ll also be able to control smart home appliances and use all the various Skills available. Sure, it still seems odd to include Alexa in the Amazon shopping app since there’s already an Alexa app available for other phones like the HTC U11, but I guess better you may as well deliver the feature rather holding it off altogether.

If you recall, the same feature was added to the iOS Amazon shopping app earlier this year.


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