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Samsung Now Rolling Out Bixby Voice to Galaxy S8 Users in the U.S.

Samsung's highly-anticipated Bixby Voice assistant is now making its way to Galaxy S8 users in the States.

Samsung today announced that Bixby Voice, the company’s voice assistant element of their AI-backed Bixby software that comes preloaded on all Galaxy S8s and S8+s, is finally beginning to roll out to all users in the United States. This comes after multiple delays surrounding the voice assistant that seemed to never stop coming.

The launch of Bixby Voice also arrives after two targeted launch dates were missed. We first exclusively reported that the software would land on June 28th, but this ultimately led to the company delaying the software yet again. An internal memo sent out to employees at Samsung leaked online and suggested the assistant would’ve landed yesterday, but that clearly didn’t happen. Mysteriously, however, the press release for today’s news does use the July 18th date.

Moving on, you should receive Bixby Voice on all AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and U.S. Cellular models of the S8. You’ll be required to update your Bixby app by heading to Bixby Settings > About Bixby. Once you’re up to date, you’ll then be able to hold down the Bixby button on the side of the S8 and begin speaking commands. You can also say, “Hi Bixby” to activate the voice assistant.

Samsung promises anything that would normally require touch interactions with your phone, Bixby can handle by using your voice. Changing wallpapers, sending texts, placing calls, and more are all supported. But not everything may be in order just yet. The beta version of Bixby Voice was pretty buggy, and there’s no telling just how much Bixby has improved over the course of under a month. Regardless, I’ll assume Samsung wouldn’t’ve launched Bixby Voice if they didn’t think it was ready.


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