Google’s New Feed Aims to Deliver More Relevance to Your Phone

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After introducing the change back in December, Google is now rolling out their new feed to iOS and Android users of their main Google app that aims to deliver more relevant news and topics to your phone. Now, you’ll begin seeing more and more content directed towards you and your interests thanks to a lot more machine learning.

Google will be basing this feed off of your search history, interactions with its products, and overall an understanding of just how you utilize what Google has given you. By getting a feel for what you tend to search for on Google – whether that be sports, movies, technology, fashion, etc – and which of its services you use on the daily, Google will begin curating content you may have or may have not seen just yet. Fresh content will, of course, be delivered at the top of your feed, but older articles that you likely missed will also pop up for further reading.

Beneath news stories, you’ll find other relevant information like fact checkers, opinions, or even behind-the-scenes looks for movies and television shows. You’ll be able to follow each topic by tapping the three-dot menu on each card so you get more content from a specific source while searching for new content will also allow you to follow your favorite subjects. Basically, Google will just be studying how you use your phone from now on to aggregate a news feed it thinks you’ll like to scroll through.

To put this into perspective, Google is aiming the feed (as it’s formally known as) at users of social apps like Facebook and Twitter. Each of these platforms delivers news in a friendly and reflexive way, and Google wants in on the action. Essentially, the company wants to create a more relevant, user-specific experience than what Facebook, Twitter, or any other social app can provide. They also hope you open their app much more than you probably do right now for things that don’t just include a web search or sports score check up.

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With today’s announcement, Google will also be retiring the Google Now brand once and for all since it’s no longer present in the app. This isn’t to come as a shock to nearly anyone since the name was originally used for Google’s voice assistant that has since turned into the Google Assistant, while the Google Now pane has since been retired simply out of incremental updates to the Google app. Poor one out if you want, because you’ll never see Google Now ever again.

Google says the new feed is now rolling out to both Android and iOS users.


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