Snapchat Adds New Multi-Snap Recording Mode and New Color Editing Tool

Snap has today begun rolling out two new features to Snapchat for both Android and iOS users, with the latter getting the most new content starting today. The update includes multi-snap recording and something called tint brush.

Starting with the former, multi-snap recording allows users to record up to six different 10-second Snaps that you can browse through to decide what to share and what not. Basically, Snap made a workaround for their 10-second limit on video Snaps that lets users record more content and share it all at once.


VIA: TechCrunch


Moving on to the latter, tint brush is probably the most unique addition out of today’s news. It allows users to use a special brush tool that can change the color, or tint, of certain objects within a Snap. It uses advanced object recognition technology and is nearly on par with what’s present in Photoshop for color correction of different objects. Of course, this version is slimmed down for mobile use and operation with just one’s pointer finger, but it nevertheless should allow for more extensive edits of Snaps before you send them out to the world.

Multi-snap recording is available now on iOS and Android, while tint brush is currently only on iOS. Obviously, the feature should roll out to users of Google’s OS soon.

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