Jide is Killing Off Remix OS for Consumers

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Jide’s Remix OS has seen pretty steady growth over the past couple of years. The operating system is essentially a desktop version of Android with keyboard and mouse support, floating windows, a taskbar, and more that makes Android more operable on a larger screen. However, in a new message uploaded to their site, the company is discontinuing all of their efforts in the consumer space, including Remix OS.

“Over the past year, we received an increasing number of inquiries from enterprises in various industries and began helping them build great tools for their organizations by leveraging Jide software and hardware,” said Jide. “We see huge potential in the role that Jide can play to revolutionize how these businesses operate. And given our existing resources, we decided to focus our company efforts solely on the enterprise space moving forward.”

So basically, Jide is done with consumers and will instead focus on the enterprise market. For any of you who helped fund Jide’s Kickstarter campaigns like the Remix IO and IO+ will receive a full refund since these products will never make it to market, while those who have placed orders or preorders for products and still haven’t been fulfilled will also get their money back. Jide notes it may take up to ten business days for this to happen.

While it’s sad to see Jide steer away from the consumer market, it could’ve been predicted to happen. The company never made big waves in western markets like they hoped, while most of their products never actually sold quite well. Additionally, Remix OS was free for consumers which certainly didn’t help bring in money that may’ve been needed for expansion. Ultimately, Jide’s probably doing the right thing here. It’s just sad to see them go anyway.

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