Back in May, Microsoft unveiled the Fall Creators Update as the next major feature update for Windows 10. Of course, not everyone refers to the autumn season as fall, so this name fits more Americans than it does anyone else. This is the reason the company has begun changing the update’s name to the Autumn Creators Update in some countries.

As first spotted by Windows Central, the Fall Creators update is now the Autumn Creators Update in the UK alongside India. It’s expected that Germany and France will also adopt the new naming scheme that further familiarizes the release schedule for the update to those who don’t use the Fall term to transition from summer heat to falling leaves.

Of course, if they use the term Fall in your country, Microsoft will likely continue using the Fall Creators Update naming. But for those who like an extra “u” in words like favourite and governour, this new title for the next feature update for Windows 10 should fit your customs.