Lawnchair is the Pixel Launcher You Deserve

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Everyone seems to either really like or really hate the Pixel Launcher. You could just die for the minimalism and stock Android experience offered by the home screen, or you could be extremely annoyed by how locked down it is since there’s barely any customization available. But what if you could enjoy the stock Android UX and still have plenty of customization available?

That’s where Lawnchair comes in.

Lawnchair is a new Launcher by XDA developers deletescape and Amir Zaidi (who actually also made an altered Pixel Launcher with Google Now integration) that aims to offer a clean, minimalist experience while offering plenty for customization available in launchers like Nova or Action. It’s built on top of the stock AOSP Android Launcher and altered in really sweet ways to create the Pixel Launcher the world deserves.

The launcher offers icon pack support, blur effects for the dock and folders, a dark theme, round icon support, Android O notification dot support on older OSes like Nougat, custom grid sizes, custom search bars, and way more. The Google Now pane is even natively integrated into the launcher and doesn’t require any device altering like root to work.

I’ve been trying Lawnchair on my LG V20, and I have to say, it’s my new favorite home screen. It offers the best of what the Pixel Launcher does and doesn’t at the same time to create a user-friendly experience that doesn’t require in-app purchases to work or third-party tools to get things like notification indicators to work. All in all, if you’re bored with the normal Pixel Launcher or just need more from your current home screen, Lawnchair is a great alternative.

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Lawnchair can be downloaded over on Github.


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