Today’s Our Second Anniversary, and Here’s What’s Changing (Hint: A Lot)

Whelp, we’ve made it folks. MBEDDED is now two years old, and we’re just starting to crawl. Heck, we even stood up once or twice. Shame none of us had our phones on us to take a video to share on Facebook later.

But here we are. We’ve spent the last 730 days growing as the latest technology publication on the scene and achieving a reader base that remains loyal and interested in the content we publish. I’m not gonna bore you with our origin story this year (you can read that here), but in a nutshell, we started unprofessionally and have now become a highly-respected news outlet by many. Hey, I’m just sharing facts here.

So what does one do for a second anniversary? Usually, it’s cotton or china, but not this year. We’re spicing things up. And we’re writing the next chapter in our story. You know what that chapter’s called? Matridox.

Why you may ask? Well, that’s our new name. We’ve officially transitioned away from our old, MBEDDED name and will now be known as Matridox (pronounced may-treh-docks, if you must know). But why? Why change our name at all? It’s quite simple, really.

  1. MBEDDED is simply too complicated. The word sounds like “embedded,” but if you Google that term, our site won’t show. In the same way, when trying to explain to someone how to spell “Mbedded,” it won’t look/sound right and could cause miscommunications. This is obviously something we wanted to avoid.
  2. Our site is growing. We’ve realized our content is getting more and more sophisticated. We’re also covering various other topics that need explaining but all fall in this “matrix” form of mind. Think about it: we practically live in the matrix. Computers are everywhere, Wi-Fi-connected everything is everywhere, hacking is everywhere – heck, your toaster could be the next WannaCry victim. Who knows?

And to most people, what we cover can be sort of a paradox to them. If you look up paradox, you’ll find its meaning: “a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true.” This best describes most of what is going on in the world of technology. Or, as we like to call it, the matrix. This is where we got our name, by combining Matrix and Paradox to deliver something that’s iconic, trustworthy, and simply makes sense: Matridox.

We’re also adopting a stronger news personality by giving our site a fresh design. You’ll now notice we feature our latest articles directly below a featured post slider that gives you a feed of the latest news worth reading about. Below that are sections for our reviews and Culture section to live. This new layout gives us the impression of a legitimate technology news network which, at the end of the day, we are.

In addition, we’ve updated our Android app and have finally published it in the Play Store. You can download the app beginning today from this link. For iPhone and iPad users, you can check out our redesigned Apple News channel here.

Finally, our new domain is Any links that contain the name MBEDDED will be redirected since we’ll still be using this domain just on a much smaller scale. Our usernames for our various social media outlets have changed as well. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ @TheMatridox.


I should probably also note we’ve got a new logo and a new icon that will indicate wherever Matridox is on the web. We call it the Parahex (a combination between the words paradox and hexagon, in case you were wondering). It’s an iconic logo we’ll be slapping literally everywhere.

We’re glad you’ve taken your time to join us in celebrating our second anniversary. Be sure to tell all of your friends to check out Matridox at for the latest technology news, reviews, and rumors! We have plenty coming up by ways of all three of these categories so stay tuned!


Max Buondonno – Founder and Executive Editor of Matridox

Follow along for more news out of our second anniversary!

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Founder of Matridox. I also founded and am CEO of MBEDDED Media, a new kind of media company. Lover of anything and everything involving technology. I enjoy coffee, music, and writing. I'm also really getting into traveling and photography. Legendary Scoop himself.

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