The Official Matridox App Now Available on the Google Play Store

We just announced our big rebranding for our second anniversary. Everything is new starting today, and that goes for both our website and mobile app. And it was only appropriate to fulfill a promise we made a while back when we were still developing the MBEDDED app: an official listing on the Google Play Store.

Folks, we’re proud to announce our app is now available for free on any device from the Play Store!

You can access our latest articles from one, streamlined feed, adds different pieces to your favorites (or Stars), and even switch between multiple themes. There’s also various layouts available so you can feel right at home every time you visit our app. The best part? You’ll be notified every time news breaks.

It’s worth noting we’ll be updating our app every month with bug fixes and new features so be sure to stay tuned.

The official Matridox app is available today via this link. We’re also updating the MBEDDED app that’s found on the Amazon App Store to this new Matridox version that will be live soon.

Follow along for more news out of our second anniversary!


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