MBEDDED is Now MBEDDED Media – Here’s Why

Today we announced our brand-new name: Matridox. It’s an iconic name that reflects our well-established technology news site that’s now been growing strong for two, long years. This ultimately meant we had to retire the previous MBEDDED branding, but then we thought, “What if you made a move that would carry us into the future? What if MBEDDED didn’t die? What if it allowed us to grow not only as a single website, but as a family of news outlets?”

That’s why we’re carrying over the MBEDDED name and turning it into MBEDDED Media.

MBEDDED Media is the new name of the parent media company of Matridox. For now, we’ll be hosting Matridox as our exclusive first site, but as time goes on, we’ll be adopting new outlets that will provide in-depth looks into other areas of the culture we live in now, whether they may be sports, fashion, food, or even politics.

For anyone interested, we’ve created a dedicated page for MBEDDED Media to live on for the time being. You can visit it here. Additionally, all inquiries regarding MBEDDED Media or advertising on one of our sites can be sent to

This is an absolutely giant step for the future of MBEDDED. In order to grow and succeed in the news publication industry, it’s important to make decisions that can future proof your brand as well as today’s multiple announcements can. We hope you appreciate the changes we’ve made as much as we have. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the future!


Max Buondonno – Founder, President, and CEO of MBEDDED Media

Follow along for more news out of our second anniversary!


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