The Google Pixel XL 2 Could Feature an Always-On Display and Squeezable Sides

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A couple of days ago brought our first glimpse at the Google Pixel XL 2, and now we’re hearing more precise details surrounding the search giant’s smartphone sequel. According to XDA-Developers, the new Pixel XL will reportedly feature an always-on display similar to what’s present on phones like the Galaxy S8. It’ll show you the time and date, while notifications probably will be absent. Users will have the option to either have this screen on all the time or just when they receive notifications in the form of an ambient display.

XDA has also detailed the squeezable sides that were first mentioned by Android Police. According to their report, the Pixel XL 2 will allow users to squeeze the sides of their phone much like you can on the HTC U11 to perform such actions as activating the Google Assistant, silencing incoming phone calls, and more. Activating the Assistant may be pretty useful, and so could silencing phone calls with just a little pressure, but the feature still feels a bit gimmicky to me.

Users will also be able to adjust the pressure levels to their liking so you can squeeze harder or softer to activate different features, according to XDA.

Furthermore, the display on the Pixel XL 2 will reportedly measure in at 5.99-inches. It’ll have a Quad HD resolution and feature an OLED panel from LG who is supposedly building this entire phone for Google. The screen will be adjustable via different color modes that include an sRGB mode, a “Vivid Colors” mode, and other options that aren’t currently known.

Finally, the phone will feature a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, have an octopus as its easter egg for some reason, have a darker UI than what’s currently present in Android O(reo), and while setting up the Pixel XL 2, you’ll be taken to to get a feel for your new phone.

All of this sounds promising, but we’re still a good time away from actually seeing both the Pixel 2 and XL 2 officially. Therefore, most of what’s been shared today could change at a moment’s notice or could simply be proven false. At this point, it’s too early to place any bets. But if you’re gutsy enough to do so, I still wouldn’t at least on that squeezable sides rumor.


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