It seems that Samsung and Android developers are playing cat and mouse here, as the situation surrounding the Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 has been quite the roller coaster. Originally, the button was proven to be remappable to whatever app or action users wanted, but then Samsung came into play and attempted to close off this functionality. Later, developers found other ways of programming this extra hardware to do whatever you want, but Samsung is trying to again block this level of customization with a new software update that’s rolling out now.

But now, as per app developers’ recent updates to their Bixby button remapping applications, it looks like the devs have taken yet another shot at Samsung in successfully remapping the Bixby button.

Both the developers behind bxActions and Custom Bixby Button (via Android Police) have updated their apps and state they’ve outsmarted Sammy yet again by finding another way to direct users’ interactions with the Bixby button to another area of the phone. There’s even some new capabilities featured in the apps.

Hey, Android developers always find a way. Whether that means rooting or hacking your phone with ADB tools or something, Android devs somehow can always figure out how to get around blockades set by even the biggest of corporations, including Samsung.

You can download bxActions and Custom Bixby Button for free from the Play Store.